Integrating Mind-Body into Your Clinical Practice: A Skills – Based Training for Therapists

Robin Carnes

Workshop Description

The purpose of the experiential workshop is two fold: 1) to offer therapists a variety of easy to adopt, evidence-based, mind-body skills to prevent and mitigate the effects of compassion fatigue; and 2) to assist therapists in skillfully integrating simple, evidence-based mind-body skills into their work with clients. Research shows that daily practice in nervous system down-regulation mitigates the impact of trauma, reduces compassion fatigue and secondary trauma and improves personal resilience. To this end, we will focus on practical, easy-to-learn skills to maintain their mental/emotional fitness to work with clients, as well as to integrate into work with clients who present with trauma-related symptoms. The presenter will offer a scientific framework for these practices, ample experiential practices, and opportunities to practice teaching the practices in role plays of clinical scenarios.