Interplay: A Sustainable System for Self-Care

Workshop Description

This workshop is an opportunity to explore the life-changing practice of InterPlay. InterPlay begins with the birthright practices of movement, vocalization, and storytelling. It embeds them in a framework of a few powerful ideas. This is a chance to grow as a practitioner. You can learn to trust your instincts more and to find new levels of ease and enjoyment in your work. Surprise yourself. Let your inner critic go on a vacation. Find a new way to unwind from the intensity of your work with this rewarding system of self-care.

In this workshop, we will explore ways in which InterPlay can give both therapists and clients more embodied paths for self-discovery and personal healing. The workshop includes some brief lectures and multiple structured experiential exercises in which participants have the opportunity to try new behaviors and practice new skills on their own, in pairs and in small groups. There will be small and large group discussions, as well as guided meditations. There will be no agenda, and no pressure to perform or achieve, but rather an invitation to find pathways of meaning, renewal, and delight for each participant.

  • InterPlay supports therapeutic processes.
  • InterPlay fosters relaxation, play, connection, exploration, and creative expression.
  • InterPlay provides body-based tools and practices to minimize stress and maximize ease.
  • InterPlay helps you make wiser, more grounded decisions in all areas of life.
  • InterPlay uncovers hidden resources for sustainable self-care.

Learning Objectives:

  • The participants will recognize the signs of compassion fatigue.
  • The participants will gain knowledge of InterPlay’s Body Wisdom Tools for sustaining well-being on a daily basis.
  • The participants will experience and understand an ethic of play and how it contributes to a better life/work balance.
  • The participants will experience and understand how the InterPlay practices of noticing and witnessing are the basis of a compassionate therapeutic relationship.
  • The participants will experience how InterPlay forms of movement, story-telling, and vocalizing create more energy, ease, and connection with others.
  • The participants will experience and understand key qualities of all healthy interactions.
  • The participants will experience guided meditations for nervous system regulation, self-compassion and self-reflection.
  • The participants will take away key InterPlay-based self-care tools to enhance and maintain daily life/work balance.


Kate Amoss, LCPC & Robin Carnes, MBA, Certified Yoga Therapist
Continuing Education Contact Clock Hours: 10 hours
Cost: $160 per day ($320 for two days)